More Adventure and Launch Brand


This year I want to further my outdoor activities and skill level. The outdoors has progressively become a larger part of my life over the past few years and every time I go, it hits me so deeply how important the wilderness is to my life.

At school I was the 'unsporty kid', the easy label to get me off the hook and out of sports. However, all I really had to do was keep on searching. It sounds childish but I thank the Duke of Edinburgh Award for planting the seed of the wonder of the outdoors in an otherwise very indoorsy kid.

It's difficult these days to make a living solely from adventure. I love recounting tales of adventure, however, and my plan for this year is to launch a bit of an adventure brand, or a style of adventure that I think might catch the attention of some kind of audience and if all that happens is I inspire one indoorsy kid like me to go outside and explore, it'll be worthwhile.


  1. Climb Mont Blanc
  2. Complete Welsh 3000s - Complete
  3. Become a Summer Mountain Leader
  4. Launch an adventure brand


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