Develop my creative projects


As well as business ideas, many of the musings I've written down over the years are more creative projects than obvious business opportunities.


  • Produce five creative projects this year

Lego Tower Bridge Time Lapse


Project 1: Complete

Ever since finding out that LEGO released a set of Tower Bridge, I was fixated on the idea of filming a time lapse of building the set in front of the real Tower Bridge in London. Watch the video below. Read the full blog article on Medium.


Work in Progress


Project 2: Hair timelapse

When cycling with my incredible mate Oli Chapman 3,600km across southern China, I shaved my entire head on Day 1 and then took a series of moving fisheye selfies every day for 3.5 months. The images are ready, I just haven't got around to editing the video yet.


Previous Creative Projects


Below are two other small videos I've made over the years. The Human Preset tells the story of me 'posting' myself home from China for Christmas and surprising my entire family. The LEGO Taj Mahal time lapse is pretty self-explanatory and the precursor to my LEGO Tower Bridge video.