Climbing: Hit Higher V-Grades


I went for my first indoor climb in mid-October 2015 and became so hooked there's been not a week I've missed since (other than when I've been in the mountains). Specific targets will help me improve, for now I focus almost exclusively on bouldering but am keen to start leading.


V4 by end of January - Complete

V5 by end of August (confidently doing all V5s at Hackney Wick Boulder Project)

Start lead climbing


  1. Climb three times per week
  2. Push to the high bouldering grades, at least perform some of the moves of harder graded routes
  3. Ensure I go climbing to a centre with lead walls once a month and take The Castle's lead climbing course

SCUBA Diving: Dive with Auntie


After completing my PADI Adventure Diver license in Australia in 2007 I have only used SCUBA kit once or twice. Diving has been a huge part of my Auntie's life and the idea of diving with her one day fills me with much excitement. I want to get my diving skills back up to scratch this year to be able to join her on at least one dive.


Dive with my Auntie in 2017 in open water.


  1. Attend a refresher SCUBA course
  2. Progress to the next PADI level - Advanced Open Water


  1. Signed up to take PADI Advanced Open Water on 26-27th August 2017



Another sport I'm keen to pick up is kayaking. The skill is quite fundamental to an adventure project I'm working on.


Achieve BC 3* Kayaking Level


  1. Enrol on course at Lee Valley Olympic Centre


  1. I went in my first ever kayak 19th June 2017 at Westminster Boating Base on the Thames